Jamaican Business Language and Marketing Evening Showcase Review


Monday 7th – 17th April 2014 at Rich Mix, London

There was no better way to start the Jamaican Business Language and Marketing Event than with an inspirational videography showcasing Jamaican culture and history and its influence across time. This motivating journey continued with three key Jamaican business leaders sharing their professional and entrepreneurial experience of starting and cultivating a winning business product in the UK.

Marvia Borrell, CEO of Black River Chocolate, the first chocolate to use 100% Jamaican coco beans, retraced her steps detailing the beginnings of her dream, demonstrating how she forged forward, clearing her path to success. “You must keep your brand alive”, she stressed. “Remembering your experience shapes your product”.

Standing on the shoulders of those that came before him with The Gleaner since 1824, George Ruddock, Editor and Managing director of GV Media Group Ltd, shared how he embraced modern Caribbean culture by uniting The Voice with The Gleaner in 2004. This adaptability is continual as he emphasised the importance of modern communications, such as Facebook and Twitter to promote Caribbean culture and its brands.


Last but not least, with his jovial personality, Levi Roots, Chef, Entrepreneur, Dragon Slayer, and the brains and personality behind the hugely popular Reggae Reggae Sauce, showed the roots within his roots detailing his story. “If there was one thing that people took away from today” he stated “…is the importance of being you.” “Sell who you are. People want to invest in you.”


Continuing to inspire and reflect Jamaican branding, a 5-day workshop on the spoken word and a 4day workshop on graphic design and video were both highly praised. Volunteers aged 18-25 were taught how to create a unique Jamaican marketing promotional brand, through the use of Jamaican dialect and imagery. They were inspired to use their own creativity by generating promotional material for the three key business leaders’ products.

Entering the doors of Rich Mix for the evening showcase created an atmosphere of excitement, spearheaded by the aroma of cultured food as well as anticipation for the evening activities. This event provided an opportunity for volunteers to showcase the work that was produced in the earlier workshops. The evening was set in motion by live spoken word pieces performed by Ayo Wallace, Mariam Fakhir, Jenna Mitchell-Anderson, and Izara B the Rich Mix Young Ambassador. Promotional videos were shown by Elam Forrester, graphic posters by Victoria Adesola and Dijle Neguzel, Jamaican Patois soundbites from Rachael Minott, and a live PA set by Deneez Peters. The evening was sealed with a special guest performance by the larger than life Freddie Notes, who took us through a musical journey spanning 70 Years! At the end of the night people were left dancing to the music and wanting more, excited about what event Jamaica Hidden Histories has in store next.

Maxine Binger