Jamaica 2000‘s

Business Language and Marketing

This decade has seen an increase in the use of ‘Jamaican style’ patois, music and cultural images in marketing and advertising. Full Spectrum held a focus group meeting of business leaders to discuss the distinctive Jamaican culture and how it has become a recognizable global brand.

Jamaica Business Leaders

“I have a great concern about what they see here as Jamaican culture.”

Jamaica Ronald Moody

“We see the use of reggae music in advertisements and many other things, such as the Sean Paul song with the little animated figures for the Vauxhall car advert.”

– Edward Johnston

Jamaican Peel Proud Advert
Young Voices Magazine
  1. Jamaican business leaders at focus group meeting 2012.
  2. Ronald Moody (1900-1984) was a Jamaican born sculptor specialising in wood carvings. The Midonz is one of his most famous works which is displayed at Tate Britain.
  3. Peel Proud advert, using Jamaican patois for marketing purposes. Image courtesy of Jamaican Producers Group Ltd.
  4. Young Voices Magazine.

“One of the things that has been left out in history is our contribution in England with the fashion, because a lot of the first immigrants worked in the sweat shops and that has been left out.”

– Charlie Phillips