Jamaica 1980’s & 1990’s

Enterprise and Political Achievements

The 1980’s and 1990’s set the mould for Black enterprise and political achievements. Individuals from the black community, many of whom are of Jamaican heritage, made inroads into areas such as in art, business, fashion and politics. Their work was a great influence on popular culture and lifestyle.

Fowokan George Kelly

  1. Meditations Beneath Duppycherry Tree, Fowokan George Kelly.
  2. Lapaz, owned by Lorna Holder, one of the first multi- racial fashion, beauty and hair enterprises 1985-1996. Images courtesy of Tuareg Productions Archives.
  3. Diane Abbott MP – First Black British female MP. Image courtesy of Root Magazine.
  4. Business Archives: Working drawings and designs by Jamaican born, Lorna Holder, Head of Fashion for Davis and Field from 1979-1986; illustration including garment range for the Olympian swimmer Sharon Davis, first celebrity endorsement in fashion. Images courtesy of Tuareg Productions Archives.

Established in June 1968, Dyke and Dryden Limited rose to become Britain’s first black multi-million pound business enterprise.

Lapaz Lorna Holder Jamaica

Jamaica Archive Fashion Drawing

Diane Abbott MP

Business Archives Fashion Drawing

“One of the things that has been left out in history is our contribution in England with the fashion, because a lot of the first immigrants worked in the sweat shops and that has been left out.”

– Charlie Phillips