Jamaica 1960’s


Jamaica gained independence on 6th August 1962. Alexander Bustamante became the first Prime Minister of independent Jamaica. Through trade and tourism, music, art, agriculture and industry, independent Jamaica was eager to develop its distinct cultural identity and express it globally.

Alexander Bustamante
1960's Jamaica Hand Printed Skirt

Jamaica Map And Flag Stamps
Jamaican, Carole Joan Crawford
Jamaican 1969 Runner Stamp

Jamaica Acknee Fruit

“The first James Bond film, Dr. No, by Ian Fleming was written and filmed in Jamaica”

“During the 1960’s Jamaica was the world‘s largest producer of bauxite”

  1. Alexander Bustamante
  2. 1960’s Hand-Painted Skirt printed on flour sacking, courtesy of Vida Grant.
  3. Ska music artists, courtesy of Proper Records.
  4. Jamaica’s Motto: Out of many: one people. Independence Island Flag Stamp, courtesy of Charlie Phillips Archives.
  5. Jamaican, Carole Joan Crawford ,won the 1963 Miss World competition in London. Jamaica Post issued a stamp in her honour, which had an issue of three million. Courtesy of Charlie Phillips Archives.
  6. 1969 Runner Stamp, courtesy of Charlie Phillips Archives.
  7. Ackee fruit, a national symbol of Jamaica. Courtesy of Charlie Philips Archives.

“I was there! In Spanish Town Square with all the other school children, waving our flags.”

– Yvonne Bell