Jamaica Hidden Histories Educational Pack

Full Spectrum Productions are giving away limited copies of their latest Educational Resource Pack to secondary schools in the East Midlands. The Pack, along with a free guided tour, will be available to students and teachers attending the Jamaica Hidden Histories: Sugar Was King Exhibition.


New Art Exchange, 39 – 41 Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 6BE

5 September – 1 November 2015


This cross-cultural educational resource for secondary schools provides teachers with a unique and readily accessible toolkit to engage students on the historical and cultural links between Jamaica and Britain.


The Pack includes the use of artefacts, oral histories, quality images, photographs, films, a special unit of work in Art & Design with lesson plans and a DVD teaching resource. Each section has accompanying suggested activities and Teachers’ Notes, which provide additional contextual information and related links for further research. Activities include comprehension questions as a ‘learning focus’ with differentiation and challenges for extension for more able students.


Please telephone/email, if you would like to arrange a free gallery tour for teachers and students.

New Art Exchange, 0115 924 8630

020 7692 2711/ 07747581636 info@fullspectrumproductions.co.uk