1980s Fashion Archive Display- Rich Mix

A private view of the 1980s Fashion Archive Display took place at the, Lower Café Gallery, Rich Mix Bethnal Green London on 11th September 2014. The viewing depicted photographic/video displays of fashion business archives drawings produced by Lorna Holder who was head of fashion at Davies and Field from 1979 – 1986. The viewing was attended by people from a diverse groups  including elders, former students, business colleagues, artists and the general public.

The setting for the 1980s research into the ‘Hidden History’ was the Rich Mix Building once home to Davies & Field. It was there where Lorna Holder, head of fashion, created some of her inspirational designs for retailers such as Etam, Lady at Lord John, Littlewoods catalogue, and created one of the first celebrity fashion endorsements in a main stream catalogue for the Olympian swimmer Sharon Davies.

The attendees were treated to a short film of Lorna’s work and had the opportunity to meet two pattern cutters who had worked with Lorna. They spoke about their experience in the fashion Industry and the struggles they faced in fighting for equal pay.

Lorna provided a summary of her achievements and her experience of working for Davies and Field from 1979 – 1986. Furthermore there was a story told of Bethnal Green’s Rich Mix building as a fashion house during the Davies and Field days. There were parallels drawn from delivering splendid work from an iconic building in a run-down area of London, and how Bethnal Green has now become trendy and affluent area.

The viewing was well attended and attendees were able to ask Lorna questions about the fashion of the era (1979-1986) and the impact it had on them and their lives, especially attendees born in the 50s/60s, plus the younger cohorts that attended on the day.


FREE 1980s Fashion Archive Display Details:

11th – 27th September 2014

10am – 11pm

Lower Café

Rich Mix

35-47 Bethnal Green Road

London E1 6LA